“Pro-Aborts” Shut Down Abortion Industry Exposé

Today and yesterday, disconcerted emails were fluttering around the New York pro-Life community regarding an abortion industry exposé which was shut down by the pro-choice rabble in Albany, NY. Several of these emails wound up in my mailbox at the New York State Right to Life office which is located in the city. 

“The pro-aborts ran amok,” our Legislative Director quipped. “The Spectrum Theatre caved.”

The documentary is called “Blood Money” and was made, in part, by a local, independent film-maker. Originally set to premiere May 5th and 6th at the Spectrum Theatre in Albany, the theatre canceled “after receiving phone calls from pro-abortion interests who threatened to protest and disrupt the showing of the film.” This, despite one of the showings already being sold out and demonstrating continuing strong sales. 

Local advocates of the film described the situation as such:

The film contains interviews of whistle-blowing former employees of the abortion industry who expose the deceitful tactics used by the billion dollar Planned Parenthood corporation to increase its profits without regard to ethical practices.  This film has potential to be released nationally based upon its popularity in the Capitol District.

Because the film was shut down, the local film-maker, Roman Jaquez had no choice but to meet disappointed ticket holders outside the theatre to refund their money. 

Nonetheless, enthused pro-lifers decided to hold a prayer vigil outside the theatre during the original show times. They claimed to represent a threefold message:

  • [To] support full rights of pre-born human beings.  
  • [To show that we] are unhappy about how threats of protests are stifling the free speech rights of Roman, a local independent film maker.  
  • [To] support a heroic artist who is standing up to threats by supporters of a billion dollar industry attempting to prevent its former employees from revealing its unethical practices.

Events taking place this week in Albany are truly disturbing for a number of reasons. Foremost, it illustrates the tremendous lengths pro-abortion interests will go to spin every pro-life message into an evil caricature — in this case, something not even worthy of free speech. This is a tactic not about “choice,” of course, but ensuring the societal view toward the pro-life cause as “evil” and “anti-woman” while abortion is “standard” and “uncontroversial.”  

Relatedly, what this incident demonstrates is the concerning trend among leftists to deny legitimate political speech by their opponents; this, despite the fact that their modus operandi is making political points in the most outrageous manner imaginable. Somehow, sending symbolic coat hangers to politicians is an acceptable form of expression, yet a film exposing the realities of the abortion industry is utterly impermissible. What possible sense is there in this?  

Take a look at the trailer below and judge for yourself if the film is unfit for the silver screen. It looks to provide a fascinating account of the unseemly history and practices of the American abortion movement. Such a perspective has generally enjoyed pitiable publicity. With enough support (which you can lend here), the film can go national.

May 6th, 2010
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