The “Professional Left� Calls Conservatives Fighting the Ground Zero Mosque Islamophobes

Muslims tell Americans what they intend for America

Look out all you conservatives protesting the Ground Zero Mosque, the “professional leftâ€� says you’re a bunch of racist Islamophobes who must be stopped or the mosque will never be built!  Leftists are on a mission: stop knuckle-dragging tea partiers and the ever-hated GOP from standing in their way and riling up Americans to fight the Cordoba Initiative’s plans. They regard Ground Zero mosque protests as unhinged GOP racism toward Muslims.

Rick Kim of The Nation says:

Those of us in the ‘professional left’ often lament the timidity and fickleness of our more establishment colleagues.  If only they had been more resolute in their self-proclaimed roles as arbiters of truth and reason…The list of establishment voices who have spoken out…against the plainly bigoted crusade against Park51, a k a the Cordoba House, should be daunting.  It includes…the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times…the Wall Street Journal…CNN’s Fareed Zakaria (who returned an award from the ADL in protest), NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Post columnist Kathleen Parker, the American Jewish Committee, J-Street and Iraq war boosters Christopher Hitchens and Peter Beinart, whose recent Daily Beast columns put him somewhere just slightly to the right of Noam Chomsky…[and] President Obama, who is now twisting himself into knots trying to retract his retraction of his refudiation of the smear.

David Swindle of NewsReal sums up Kim’s view perfectly:

This is the usual leftist frustration.  They cannot comprehend how when their arguments are so self-evident and true — and they’re up against a pack of incompetent racists like us — they can still fail so miserably to win the public’s support.

Leftists have an crazy obsessive compulsive drive to defend Islam and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s radical plans to build the Ground Zero mosque. Islamophobia is their weak argument for supporting a religion that calls for the death of all non-Muslims and honor killings for Muslims considered dishonorable.

August 24th, 2010
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