5 Leftist Lies About the Best Source of Oil on Earth

Last week, I reported the news that the U.S. based Tides Foundation is funding Canadian environmentalists who are trying to shut down Alberta’s oil sands industry.

Canada provides the United States with tens of millions of barrels of oil that otherwise would have come from Saudi Arabia, the misogynistic sheik-ocracy that most of the 9/11 hijackers called home. But leftists don’t care about that. They’ve recently convinced huge American companies like Bed, Bath & Beyond to boycott Canadian oil. Activists say the oil sands devastate the landscape, cause cancer, cheat aboriginals out of land and revenues, and are a major source of toxic unicorn farts CO2 emissions.

Too bad none of that is true. And you should care because getting your oil from a friendly neighbor instead of a dubious Middle Eastern “ally” or unstable African dictatorship is a matter of national security.

Now that “climate change” has lost the public’s interest, you’ll be hearing a lot more about the evils of Canadian “blood” oil. After all, activists have to invent a new crisis to keep those donations rolling in. (Greenpeace needs to pull in $700,000 a DAY just to keep its lights on.)

As the campaign against the oil sands ramps up, and the junk science starts making the papers, be sure to arm yourself with the facts.

What follows are five leftist lies about Canada’s oil sands :

October 26th, 2010
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