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David Horowitz was one of the founders of the New Left in the 1960s and an editor of its largest magazine, Ramparts. He is the author, with Peter Collier, of a number of best selling dynastic biographies: The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty (1976); The Kennedys: An American Drama (1984); and The Fords: An American Epic (1987). With Collier he wrote Destructive Generation (1989), a chronicle of their decision to leave the 1960s left that has been compared to Whittaker Chambers’ Witness and other classic works documenting a break from totalitarianism.

Among Horowitz’s more recent books are Radical Son (1996), a memoir tracing his odyssey from red diaper baby to conservative activist that has been described as “the first great autobiography of his generation.” Uncivil Wars (2002) chronicles his crusade against intolerance and racial McCarthyism on college campuses. Left Illusions( 2003) is a one volume course on the history of our time-from the Cold War to the war on terror. Unholy Alliance (2004) examines the relationship between Radical Islam and the American Left. The Professors: the 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America (2006) reveals a shocking and perverse culture of academics who are poisoning the minds of today’s college students. Horowitz is also author of The Politics of Bad Faith, How to Beat the Democrats and The Art of Political War, described by White House political strategist Karl Rove as “the perfect guide to winning on the political battlefield.”

David Horowitz has spoken at over 250 colleges and universities. He has appeared on Nightline, Crossfire, Today, Hannity and Colmes, the Bill O’Reilly Show, Good Morning America, C-SPAN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, CBS This Morning, and other programs. He gives hundreds of interviews yearly on radio and television.