Anti-Defamation League comes out against Ground Zero mosque; bully CAIR urges ADL to retract statement

Of course, that would just be the shape of things to come in an Islamic state: Bark at the uppity kuffar to put them back in their place. “Key Jewish Group Rejects Ground Zero Mosque,” from the Associated Press, July 30: The nation’s leading Jewish civil rights group has come…

July 30th, 2010
Topic: JW

The New York Times: Not just anti-Israel, but pro-jihad

In “New York Times: Not Just Anti-Israel But Pro-Islamist,” July 21, Barry Rubin skewers the Leftist pseudo-journalism of the Paper Of Record: The New York Times–with the exception of some honorable reporters in the field (you know who you are)–never ceases to amaze one in the spectacularly biased writings of…

July 29th, 2010
Topic: JW

Nevada Ignores ACORN PR Head Fake, Proceeds With Election Fraud Prosecution

The attorney general of Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto, isn’t buying into radical advocacy group ACORN’s efforts to convince America it doesn’t exist.
The Democratic elected office holder is moving ahead at full speed with a criminal prosecution of ACORN even though the cash-strapped leftist group dissolved its national structure and has reportedly gone from 250 to […]

July 26th, 2010
Topic: NRB

Death wish redux: Rush Limbaugh responds to JournoList’s hate speech

Yesterday we told you about the JournoList member who joked about Rush Limbaugh’s recent cardiac scare, and yearned for the chance to watch him die before her eyes.
Rush Limbaugh has now responded to these revelations from the Daily Caller.
He told the Washington Examiner in part:
Funny thing….a number of my friends sent me the Daily Caller […]

July 22nd, 2010
Topic: NRB

The NAACP Credible?

On the July 16 edition of “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel, I debated Hilary Shelton — the NAACP’s senior vice president for advocacy — on the merits of the NAACP’s resolution decrying alleged instances of racism at Tea Party events.

In this debate, Shelton claimed to have attended the Tea Party rally at […]

July 20th, 2010
Topic: NRB

UK: New report says counter-terror efforts are alienating Muslims

We hear this kind of thing in the U.S. as well, although usually in opposition to a specific counter-terror measure rather than as a comprehensive criticism of the government’s entire approach: CAIR has opposed virtually every counter-terror measure that has come down the pike, and other Islamic advocacy groups have…

July 20th, 2010
Topic: JW

Chicago hotel backs out of hosting Islamic supremacist pro-Sharia conference

Good for the Marriott Oak Brook. It will interesting to see which “moderate” Muslim advocacy groups speak out now in defense of Hizb ut-Tahrir and its conference, since Hizb ut-Tahrir openly supports Sharia and the restoration of the caliphate, with all that means for the denial of rights to women…

July 11th, 2010
Topic: JW

Welfare World

Will UN socialists fulfill their quest for global wealth redistribution?

June 30th, 2010
Topic: FPM

Jimmy Carter Upset That SCOTUS Ruling Means He Can’t Pal Around With Terrorists Anymore

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld a federal law barring material support for foreign terrorist organizations. And right on time, America’s favorite useful idiot has come out swinging against it. Jimmy Carter is upset because, with this federal law upheld, he won’t be able to pal around with his buddies in Hamas and Hezbollah […]

June 22nd, 2010
Topic: NRB

Will the Church Worship Christ or Marx?

Marxists have used the Catholic Church as a tool for ushering in their social revolution. The Church has always maintained, we are our brother’s keepers–Isn’t this the line the Left uses to send religious people on a guilt trip? While the Left has pulled the Church close to its bosom, they have at the same […]

June 10th, 2010
Topic: NRB