West Misses Point—and Lesson—of Buddhist Anti-Muslim Sentiment

Where, exactly, does Buddhist animus toward Islam come from?

March 2nd, 2015
Topic: Daily Mailer, FPM

Progressive Insanity and the Global Warming Cult

What explains the Left escalating its outlandish claims and scaremongering?

February 20th, 2014
Topic: Daily Mailer, FPM

Indonesia: Muslim gets seven and a half years prison for plot to bomb Burmese embassy

But remember: according to the mainstream media, the Burmese are entirely and solely at fault. "Islamic extremist jailed for Myanmar embassy bomb plot," from AFP, January 6: JAKARTA – An Indonesian court jailed an Islamic extremist for seven and a half years Monday over an "evil" plot to bomb…

January 6th, 2014
Topic: JW

Indonesia’s Islamic Defenders Front: "We want to kill Myanmar’s Budhis!!!"

At least they’re honest. Photo thanks to The Religion of Peace….

December 27th, 2013
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Indonesia: "Guardians of Sharia law in Aceh" force resort hotel to cancel New Year’s celebrations

"Moreover, the Ulema Advisory Council of Banda Aceh (MPU) has called on the Muslim community not to ‘celebrate’ Christmas and New Year because ‘they are not Islamic holidays.’" That, too, is a ruling in accord with Sharia. "There’s really no such thing as just Sharia, it’s not one monolithic…

December 24th, 2013
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Indonesia: Muslims protest against terrorism Christmas

Interfaith outreach in modern, moderate Indonesia. "Indonesian Muslims protest Christmas in the wake of warning against sharing Christmas wishes," from AP, December 21 (thanks to Jerk Chicken): BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA: A group of Muslims on Friday protested against Christmas and New Year celebrations in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province. About…

December 22nd, 2013
Topic: JW

Interfaith outreach in Indonesia: New rash of church closings, signs hung near church saying "Jesus is a dog," "Kill the Christians"

Shhh! Don’t talk about this! You might disrupt the "dialogue"! "New Rash of Church Closings Sweeps Across Indonesia," by Ryan Morgan for International Christian Concern, December 19 (thanks to Pamela Geller): 12/19/2013 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – I watched as the pastor began to cry, tears welling up in…

December 21st, 2013
Topic: JW

Interfaith outreach in Indonesia: Head of Aceh ulama says "Christmas greetings by Muslims are clearly haram"

But he did say it was okay for Christians to celebrate Christmas. Hey, thanks, big guy. Islamic supremacism in modern, moderate Indonesia: "Aceh Ulema Ban Xmas Celebrations," from OnIslam, December 17: CAIRO – Muslim scholars in the Indonesian province of Aceh have taken a strict position against celebrating Christmas,…

December 17th, 2013
Topic: JW

Indonesian jihadists dreaming of a bloody Christmas

"President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono did not name the groups" that were threatening the Christians — because he knew that if he did name them, they would take that in itself as a new offense, and possibly target him as well. The whole world is cowed and terrified in the…

December 12th, 2013
Topic: JW

Indonesia: Islamic supremacists and local authorities demolish church for lacking "building permit"

"In reality, now as in the past, the permit issue was but a pretext to block new buildings or demolish existing ones." Sharia forbids Christians to build new churches or renovate old ones. "South Sulawesi: Islamists and local authorities pull down Protestant church," by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News,…

December 5th, 2013
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