Ethnic Studies = Social Justice

Political activism, not education.

June 11th, 2014
Topic: Daily Mailer, FPM

Conservative Activists Admit They’re Political Partisans; Journolisters Don’t But Should

Both the Wednesday Group and Journolist are avowedly political enterprises designed to coordinate and effect political activism and political action.

But Norquist and the Wednesday Group are honest and forthright about what they are doing. The Journolisters, by contrast, continue to dissemble.

In fact, insofar as I can tell, Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias, Spencer Ackerman, Michael Tomasky, Jonathan Chait, David Weigel, et al. have yet to acknowledge the explicitly partisan political purpose behind Journolist.

July 28th, 2010
Topic: NRB

Obama Kool-Aid Courtesy of America’s Catholic Bishops

As America is more polarized than ever, it’s important for her Catholic bishops to understand the role of the Catholic “social justice” movement and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development in getting us to this point, and what must be done to bring peace to America.

A Familiar Refrain.
Hope. Change. Yes We Can. Be the Change.
We’re all connected. We’re […]

July 25th, 2010
Topic: NRB

Freedom Fighter from Afar

Activist Roozbeh Farahanipour could bring revolution to Iran from the streets of Los Angeles.

July 8th, 2010
Topic: FPM

An Ungodly Immigration Policy?

The Religious Left takes on the new Arizona law.

May 31st, 2010
Topic: FPM

Marxist Preacher on the BP Oil Spill: “It’s a Religious Issue”

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who worship the Creator and those who worship the creation.
Those who worship the Creator were charged with working the land and caring for it. But alas, these words of old have been long forgotten.
The Creation worshipers began to create laws, and more laws, and still […]

May 26th, 2010
Topic: NRB

Italy: Husband of Muslim woman fined for wearing burqa says he won’t let her leave the house anymore

This is an attempt to set up a game of legal “chicken” by restricting a woman’s movements even more and blaming it on the state’s efforts to prevent it… not unlike the frequently encountered, circular argument that fighting back against jihad is the root cause of jihad. Italian authorities, for…

May 6th, 2010
Topic: JW